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Ten Mile River Sanita Hills Canoeing Outpost Jacket Patch

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In 1973 GNYC issued several six inch jacket patches to advertize their outpost camps at TMR and/or Sanita Hills. Two of these jacket patches which mentioned both Ten Mile River and Sanita Hills Scout Camps on the same patch. This one was issued for the Canoeing Outpost. At TMR, Canoeing Outpost was a camp site on the Delaware River. Does anyone know where the outpost was at Sanita Hills?

Ten Mile River Sanita Hills Canoeing Outpost Jacket Patch

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3 Responses to “Ten Mile River Sanita Hills Canoeing Outpost Jacket Patch”

  1. Doug Purver says:

    hi ~ have you come across any ‘spruce pond’ backpack patch from g.n.c.

    it was as popular as sanita hills in the 60’s

  2. Robert A. Locke says:

    I was the small craft counselor in 1956 – the first summer Sanita Hills was a GNYC BSA camp. I shared an old 9th Ave el railroad car with the other two waterfront counselors. The camp ranger was retired MSGYSGT Arthur Desmond USMC. I remember Art literately bouncing off the floor a Marine PFC masquerading as a MAJ (wearing silver rather than gold ones. Art called the Marine detachment at the old Brooklyn Navy Yard and had two MPs come up from Brooklyn and took the kid back Navy Yard brig.

    Later that fall I was tapped for the Order of the Arrow and returned to Sanita Hills for my ordeal. The funny thing was I was only scout familiar with the camp’s layout and had to use sign language to direct OTA leader where to go for the various events.

    I wonder whether I get a copy of the patch.

  3. Eric Stahlnecker says:


    I was at Seneta Hills in 1954 as a member of the Order of the Arrow initiation team. I still have the Book with the text of the Ordeal Ritual. I was a member of a Indian Lore group in my Troop 251 in Brooklyn and made all of my costumes including a War Bonnet the I just recently refurbished.

    Eric Stahlnecker

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