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Camp Ranachqua 1994 Pocket Patch

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Another example from Camp Ranachqua from Hudson Delaware Council. this is from 1994 and does not show the traditional Ranachqua Owl, but a deer as the main part of the design. [phpbay]Camp Ranachqua, 10[/phpbay]

Camp Ranachqua 1992 Pocket Patch

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One subset of Ten Mile River Scout Camp collecting is patches not issued by Greater New York Councils. There are a number of examples from both Canp Hayden and Camp Ranachqua which were issued by other Councils. Here is a 4 inch round 1992 pocket patch from Camp Ranachqua which was issued by Hudson Delaware […]

TMR Lookalike – Camp Barstow

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They same imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; here is a camp from South Carolina using the TMR Indian Cliffs logo on their pocket patch. Anyone have other examples of other camps/councils using the Indian Cliffs scene? [phpbay]Ten Mile river Scout, 5[/phpbay]

Crumhorn Mountain Scout Camp 1954

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Here is another pre-1960 NYS Scout camp, this one is a dated patch from Crumhorn Mountain Scout Camp 1954. Crumhorn Mountain, was (and still is) a camp from Otschodela Council from Oneonta, New York. [phpbay]Crumhorn Mountain, 5[/phpbay]

Ten Mile River Trail Patch with Rockers

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In my posts on the Ten Mile River Scout program, I wrote about a short-lived program from 1996. The 1996 Season brought a modest though short-lived rebirth to a reservation-wide program. While no longer called TMR Scout, the program allowed a Scout attending camp to earn borders by participating in various activities. This program only […]

Beech Mountain Scout Camp Felt

by @ Saturday, October 15th, 2011. Filed under pre-1960 NYS Camps

I have always like the older simpler designs of pre-1960 Camp Patches, so I thought I would display some of them here on the blog. I’ve created a separate category for them, pre-1960 NYS Camps. If you click on the link in the sidebar, it will bring you to that category of posts. So if […]

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