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TMR Lookalike – Camp Bob Hardin 1989 Gold Mylar Patch

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I had previously written about a Green Bordered 1989 Camp Bob Hardin Patch which used the iconic Indian Cliffs image for its pocket patch. Here is another 1989 Camp Bob Hardin patch, this one had a Gold Mylar border. Can anyone confirm the purpose of the Gold Mylar Border? This design was used by the […]

1957 Camp Keowa Staff Neckerchief Slide

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During the 1950’s most if not all of the Camps at Ten Mile River had a staff neckerchief. Here is an example of a Staff neckerchief slide, while undhttp://www.tenmilerivertrader.com/blog/wp-admin/edit.phpated I’m told it is from 1957. Does anyone have other examples of 1950’s era staff neckerchief slides? [phpbay]Camp Keowa, 6[/phpbay]

Undated Hudson Delaware Council Camp Ranachqua Pocket Patch

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I had previously written about an undated Camp Ranachqua Staff Patch. Here is the same design used on a regular Camp Patch. Based on the Council name and design, I would think this is from the early 1990’s. Can anyone confirm that date for this patch? [phpbay]Camp Ranachqua, 6[/phpbay]

1958 Stratton Mountain Scout Reservation Pocket Patch

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Fort Orange Council which merged in 1963 to become Fort Orange-Uncle Sam Council. was the owner of Stratton Mountain Scout Reservation. This is a dated patch from 1958. It did not use the image of a donkey or burro which appeared on many of their patches. Does anyone have other images from pre-1960 Stratton Mountain […]

Camp Ihpetonga Post ’53 Neckerchief?

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The logo in the neckerchief pictured below is the one used for Camp Ihpetonga which was one of the Brooklyn Scout Camps at Ten Mile River. Trying to find out information about this 60 year old neckerchief. There are several possibilities here. There was a Troop and Post 53 at Saint Ephrem’s Church in Brooklyn […]

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