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1952 Stratton Mountain Scout Reservation Pocket Patch

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Fort Orange Council which merged in 1963 to become Fort Orange-Uncle Sam Council. was the owner of Stratton Mountain Scout Reservation. The Camp book shows Stratton Mountain as existing from circa 1952 until 1971. Here is a dated patch from 1952. Does anyone have other images from pre-1960 Stratton Mountain patches?

1995 Camp Ranachqua Staff Patch

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Here is another patch issued by Hudson Delaware Council for its Camp Staff at Camp Ranachqua in 1995. It uses the stag totem which was also the totem for Skanondo Lodge #64. [phpbay]Camp Ranachqua, 6[/phpbay]

Circa 1953-1956 Camp Tuscarora

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Here is another pre-1960 NYS Camp Image for you camp collectors. Camp Tuscarora was run by Susquenango Council headquartered in Binghamton, NY. It is still open today under Baden Powell Council. The patches issued below was reportedly used from circa 1953-1956. [phpbay]Camp Tuscarora, 6[/phpbay]

1995 Camp Ranachqua LDS Encampment

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I recently came across this patch from Camp Ranachqua issued for a 1995 LDS encampment which I had never seen before. Can anyone provide some background on this event and other LDS Encampments which may have been held at Camp Ranachqua or any other TMR Camp? [phpbay]Camp Ranachqua, 6[/phpbay]

1953 Woodworth Lake Scout Reservation

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During the 1950’s, Woodworth Lake Scout Reservation was part of Sir William Johnson Council. It is still open today under Twin Rivers Council. Here is a patch from 1953, the 5th year of operation. [phpbay]Woodworth Lake Scout, 6[/phpbay]

2012 Ten Mile River Scout Camp’s 85th Anniversary

by @ Tuesday, February 7th, 2012. Filed under Ten Mile River - Modern

Ten Mile River Scout Camps will be celebrating its 85th Anniversary in 2012. They have designed a new patch to commemorate the event. You can see an artists rendition of the patch below. Once I have a sample of the patch, I will post it too. [phpbay]Ten Mile River Scout, 10[/phpbay]

2012 Ten Mile River Leaders Guide

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GNYC has announced that: The Camping Division wanted to share the great news that the 2012 TMR Leader’s Guide has been updated and is “live” on the TMR website as of yesterday. The Guide underwent a thorough revision this year and should be read by all leaders for the latest information they need concerning TMR. […]

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