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Camp Keowa 2005 LDS Scout Camp Pocket Patch

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I’ve previously written about a 2011 LDS Encampment held at Camp Keowa, here is another this time from 2005. Does anyone have a list of LDS Encampment patches held at any of the TMR Camps?  

Camp Keowa 2005 Frontier Land Patch

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In 2005 in addition to the 50th Anniversary Patch, a patch was also issued for Frontier Land. I believe this was used for the First year camper program; can anyone confirm this?

Camp Keowa 2005 50th Anniversary Pocket Dangle

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2005 was the 50th Anniversary of the modern Camp Keowa, prior to this, Keowa along with Rondack was one of the divisions of Camp Manhattan. The pocket patch shown below was issued for the Anniversary season.The center of the design was adapted from the 1955 Staff Neckerchief. Were there any other issues this year?

2005 Ten Mile River Scout Museum Jacket Patch

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I wrote about the 2013 Camp Ranachqua Jacket Patch a few days ago and referenced that the Ten Mile river Scout Museum had also issued a Jacket Patch several years ago. It was actually issued in 2005 and used the iconic Indian Cliffs Picture Window view (as have many of the museum patches). You can […]

2005 Ten Mile River Scout Camp Shield Patch

by @ Monday, March 16th, 2009. Tags:
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Here is one of the more modern patches with an Indian Cliffs design.  A shield-shaped pocket patch issued in 2005 with a pocket loop.

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