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Camp Keowa 2013 LDS Scout Camp Pocket Patch

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I’ve previously written about a 2011 LDS Encampment held at Camp Keowa, here is another this time from 2013. This one celebrates both the 100 Years of LDS Scouting and 35 Years of LDS Regional Scout Camp. Does anyone have a list of LDS Encampment patches held at any of the TMR Camps?  

Camp Ranachqua 2013

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A promotional video for Camp Ranachqua from the 2013 Summer Season [auction-affiliate]

Ten Mile River Scout Camps 2013 Pocket Patch

by @ Friday, September 20th, 2013. Tags:
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To the best of my knowledge, for the 2013 season, TMR issued a a single pocket patch.  There is a dark green FDL ghosted in the hills. While the patch did not use the traditional Indian Cliffs logo the design pays homage to it with its Indian Chief watching a pair of Scouts canoeing on […]

Camp Keowa 2013 Pocket Dangle

by @ Tuesday, September 17th, 2013. Tags:
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The pocket patch issued by Camp Keowa for the 2013 season was an five-sided dangle featuring their Thunderbird totem. Their is an FDL ghosted in the grass. Were their any other issues from this camp?

Camp Aquehonga 2013 Pocket Patch

by @ Saturday, September 14th, 2013. Tags:
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The pocket patch issued by Camp Aquehonga for the 2013 season was a hexagonal dangle with their birch-bark Ä” totem. The patch celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the ‘new’ Aquehonga which opened in 1968. Their was also a Staff version of this patch. I’m looking for one if anyone has it available for trade.

Event hails Sullivan scout camp’s 80-year-old role in nation’s history

by @ Tuesday, August 6th, 2013. Tags: ,
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A follow up to my earlier post on the 80th Anniversary Civilian Conservation Corps event held last weekend in the Headquarters Area of the Ten Mile river Scout Camps. The Headquarters Area was also the site of the of the CCC Camp Ten Mile river in 1933. An article appeared in the Times Herald Record […]

Camp Ranachqua 2013 Jacket Patch

by @ Monday, May 20th, 2013. Tags:
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In addition to the 2013 Camp Ranachqua pocket patch I wrote about a few days ago, there is also a jacket patch issued for Camp Ranachqua for the 2013 season. There were outpost jacket patches in the early 1970’s and the TMR Museum issued one several years ago, but I believe that this is the […]

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