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TMR 1977 50th Anniversary Jacket Patch

by @ Sunday, March 17th, 2019. Tags: ,
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I had previously written about a 1977 Staff Patch issued for the 50th Anniversary of Ten Mile River Scout Camps. Here is the regular version which was available for sale to all. Some wore it a shoulder patch on the right shoulder.

Camp Aquehonga 2018 Regular and Staff Pocket Patch

by @ Sunday, December 23rd, 2018. Tags: ,
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2018 was the 50th Anniversary of the ‘new’ Camp Aquehonga. The design of the patch was a throwback to the one used for the 40th Anniversary in 2008. The 2018 version is a bit smaller and states 50 Years of Excellence. Here is the regular version: and the staff patch:

Ten Mile River Scout Camps 50th Anniversary Orange Jacket Patch 1977

by @ Thursday, March 16th, 2017. Tags: ,
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TMR is celebrating its 90th Anniversary this summer, here is another jacket patch from 1977 for the 50th Anniversary. This was one of several jacket patches issued to commemorate the Anniversary, I had previously posted the yellow twill version. There is also another version of the orange background patch where the feathers on the coup […]

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