Henry Kaufmann Scout Camp circa 1960 – 1975

Henry Kaufmann Scout Camp was located in Huntington, Long Island and operated from circa 1960 to 1975; when it was sold to Suffolk County.  Suffolk County, converted the camp to the West Hills County Park, which is still in use today.  It is still available through the County for youth-group camping today.

While it can not be seen from the scan, the neckerchief pictured below when unfolded has a camp map silk-screened on it.

If anyone can confirm when this neckerchief was issued, I would appreciate the information.

Henry Kaufmann Scout Camp Grey Neckerchief

3 thoughts on “Henry Kaufmann Scout Camp circa 1960 – 1975

  1. Suffolk County still runs and maintains this camp using many of the old buildings and lean to areas. The boy scout area was converted into a youth group camping area which is used by both TRC and Suffolk Council troops. If you remember Kaufman you might see any difference today.


  2. I have a similar neckerchief with a green border. I traded for it back in the mid-60’s. It is a bit soiled from wear, but has been sitting in my closet for a few decades. I would be happy to sell or trade.

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