TMR 80th Anniversary CSP – Family Camp FC2007X1

As part of its 80th Anniversary celebration, TMR has issued two sets of 7 CSP’s.

The first version is numbered, the second set is un-numbered. The numbered CSP’s share the same design as the un-numbered, but have a number ghosted in the design. To the best of my knowledge, no “sets” of the same numbers were sold.

Each design features a theme or program element specific to that camp with the Indian Cliffs “chief” as part of the design.

The third in the series is from Family Camp.

Family Camp was originally for Scoutmasters family from back in the day when most people only had 2 weeks vacation. Many Scoutmasters used their entire vacation to bring boys to camp. Their wives and other children stayed in Family Camp.

TMR 80th Anniversary CSP - Family Camp FC2007X1

This CSP pictures the Stumpp Cabin and the chief with his wife and child. The Stumpp Cabin is named for William Stumpp an early director of Camp Ranachqua and Chief of Ranachqua Lodge.

The numbered version is the FC2007X1 and the un-numbered is the FC2007X2

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