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TMR On National Shortlist for Jambo Site

by @ 5:21 pm on August 25, 2008. Filed under Ten Mile River - Modern

In the unfounded rumor and speculation department, I heard the following over this past weekend at the NE-2C conclave. It is not official nor can I verify the accuracy of it. Consider it talk around the Cracker Barrel or campfire.

As you may know,

The Boy Scouts of America announced today it is expanding its search to find a permanent home for one of America’s great traditions-the Boy Scouts National Scout Jamboree.

Securing a permanent home for the National Scout Jamboree, beginning with the 2013 event, is one of several initiatives launched in celebration of the BSA’s 100th Anniversary.

The qualifications for the site include:

  • Have spectacular natural beauty
  • Have water for recreational activities
  • Be at least 5,000 acres and available for donation, long-term lease (100+ years), or sale
  • Be located within 25 miles of an interstate or a four-lane divided highway
  • Be located within 150 miles of a commercial service airport with medium or large hub status
  • Be located in an area with adequate medical services
  • Be accessible year-round via standard modes of transportation

Based on that, TMR naturally qualifies as a potential site.  The talk around the fire, was that part of the TMR reservation was the final Scout property on the shortlist.  Apparently NCAC’s Goshen Scout Camps, another short list site, is no longer under active consideration.

The BSA is also looking at the possibility of purchasing sufficient land in the Midwest, as another permanent home for the Jamboree.  Or so went the talk around the fire.

There are still apparently many considerations and negotiations required before any final decisions are made.

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One Response to “TMR On National Shortlist for Jambo Site”

  1. Matthew Crance says:

    I have also heard the rumors of the TMR possibility. As well as the possibility that it will be at the old Seneca army depot in the finger lakes region. Another ny area region near camp Olmstead and the PA border was considered but is no longer considered in the running.

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