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TMR Museum Fonders of Scouting CSP Set

by @ 4:38 pm on May 28, 2009. Filed under Ten Mile River Scout Musuem

Gene Berman, the Chairman of the TMR Museum recently posted this announcement to Patch-L:

For those of you that pre-ordered our 10 patch founder’s day sets, they have finally arrived and Dave will be mailing them out early next week. They were due the beginning of May but we experienced the same problems with National nit-picking shades and sizes as some of you have been talking about on patch-L. But alls well that ends well and we do have them now in our possession. To date from the pre-order, 22 of the 50 sets with silver Mylar border have been sold meaning that with the upcoming summer camp season at TMR and the pre-NOAC TradeOree, we likely will be sold out by summer’s end of the special silver Mylar sets.

Only 50 sets and no more will be made. The white border sets we have sold 32 sets on the pre-order but we will reorder those if we sell out.

If you have not seen them yet and they do look very good, you can go to our website, and click on the right where the thumbnail is for buying the set and it will take you to the order form and a view of the set.

Also, we still have a few sets left of the 42 patch RWS series of 7 colors used in NY between 1941-1974 and 6 entities using them, meaning the five boroughs of NYC and Greater New York Councils. Both sets are council approved. To see those look on our home page for Museum shop and you can follow the links.


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