Camp Denton 1946 cut edge

Here is another oldie, this one is a 1946 Camp Denton cut edge three inch round. Camp Denton was owned by Sir Wm. Johnson Council, Gloversville, The Camp closed at the end of the 1948 season and the council opened up Woodworth Lack Scout Camp.

Camp Denton 1946 cut edge

what other issues exist from Camp Denton?

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2 thoughts on “Camp Denton 1946 cut edge

  1. I have the 1945 c/e issue. I am ‘on the road’ catching some vacation time before sailing into Lansing next week so I can’t send a scan right now.
    It is interesting to see this 1946 design is the exact same design as the ’46 Region 2 patch, just different wording.

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