Camp Kingsley 1943 Pocket Patch

According to the Council website;

Founded in 1921, Camp Kingsley is named for W.J.P. Kingsley, MD. Originally, the camp was situated on approximately 40 acres of land donated by Dr. Kingsley’s son, W.L. Kingsley, MD,. but over the years additional land has been acquired and buildings have been erected due to the generosity of a variety of groups and individuals. Today, Camp Kingsley is comprised of roughly 500 acres of land. Bordered by the Point Rock State Forest, it contains numerous cabins, a dining hall facility, storage buildings, and shower houses.

When founded, Camp Kingsley was part of the Rome Boy Scout Council. Since then, it has been associated with the Fort Stanwix Council, the Iroquois Council, Land of Oneidas Council and is presently an important part of the Revolutionary Trails Council camping program. Camp Kingsley is used primarily for a Cub Scout camp during the summer months, but also is used throughout the year for Unit, District and Council events. In 1996 Camp Kingsley celebrated its 75th Birthday.

Here is an example of an early patch from the camp and is a need of mine.

Camp Kingsley 1943 Pocket Patch
Camp Kingsley 1943 Pocket Patch

3 thoughts on “Camp Kingsley 1943 Pocket Patch

  1. Camp Kingsley in Ava, NY is celebrating 100 years in 2021. As a member of the planning group for the celebration, I am attempting to verify if this patch is indeed from Camp Kingsley in Ava and not another camp, as no of us can find the 1943 patch or artwork anywhere, although most of us are only 1960 to present staffers. Thanks.

  2. After some significant research, due to the 100th anniversary of Camp Kingsley in NY in 2021, it was discovered that this patch is from a closed Camp Kingsley in Maine. This logo is similar to the logo used at that camp during this time period. Another camp called, Kingsley Pines in Maine is near the old Camp Kingsley in Maine, but is not the same camp. In fact it is on a different lake.

  3. I’d be interested in seeing any documentation you may have associating this patch/logo to a Maine Camp Kingsley.

    The patch design itself a stock design (canoe in front of pine trees)and used by many Scout Camps including Purchas and 12 Pines both in NY. I have seen a collection with this design from dozens of different camps from the 1940’s and 1950s. ‘

    The pictured patch was from the collection of a CNY Scout Camp Patch Collector of pre-1960 NYS Camps, while this is not provenance I’m not ready to attribute it to a Maine Camp based solely on the logo.

    Thanks for your comments.

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