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Ten Mile River Solar Energy Patch 1979

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Back in the mid to late 1970’s, there was a program at TMR devoted to Solar Energy which include cooking with a reflector oven. A patch was available for completing the program, The oval design was the same, but the colors changed each year. It was begun as a program for Aquehonga Provisionals in 1975 through 1977 by Jesse Slome. It was also written up in the June 1976 issue of Boy’s Life magazine in an article by Jesse himself.

Jesse wrote a Solar Energy program for scouts to do in Aquehonga where they had to explain solar energy, make some solar equipment and cook some meals. He got Exxon to pay for a lot of the equipment and foot the bill for the patches each year. It was extended into other camps after that. By 1977 he was working for GNYC so it’s possible that they tried it again in ’79.

Ten Mile River Solar Energy Patch 1979

Ten Mile River Solar Energy Patch 1979

Can anyone confirm what years this program was run and how many years the patches were issued?

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