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Camp Ihpetonga Post ’53 Neckerchief?

by @ Friday, February 1st, 2013. Tags: ,
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The logo in the neckerchief pictured below is the one used for Camp Ihpetonga which was one of the Brooklyn Scout Camps at Ten Mile River. Trying to find out information about this 60 year old neckerchief. There are several possibilities here. There was a Troop and Post 53 at Saint Ephrem’s Church in Brooklyn […]

Camp Ihpetonga 1961 Staff Neckerchief

by @ Saturday, August 27th, 2011. Tags: , ,
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1959 was really the end of the era of individual Camp Staff neckerchiefs, there were still several years where uniform staff neckerchiefs were worn throughout the reservation. In 1960 there was Green and Blue Tartan, in 1961 the same patch was used but the Tartan was changed to Gray and Green. Each patch shows a […]

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