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Port Authority to invest $4M in Staten Island’s Pouch Camp

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Some good news on the fight to save Camp Pouch in the Staten Island Advance The Port Authority is expected to invest approximately $4 million into the preservation of Pouch Camp, a beloved Scouting campground once threatened by residential development, the Advance has learned. A source close to the project said the money comes from […]

Brush Fire Burns at Ten Mile River Scout Camps

by @ Thursday, April 19th, 2012. Tags:
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Brush fire burns at Ten Mile River Scout Campsas told in the River Reporter. Looks like there was a fire at TMR earlier this week.  In a section of camp which is currently not used. Eventually, the company located the fire about a mile and a half inland in the woods by Camp Kunata, a […]

Undated Camp Ranachqua Climber Patch

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The image of an undated patch from Camp Ranachqua. The patch was issued for the Climber or COPE program and has a simple design. Can anyone confirm the dates of use or the requirements to earn the patch? Does anyone have other images they can share? Or other Ranachqua patches available for trade or sale? […]

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