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TMR Scout Museum 100th Anniversary of the BSA CSP Set

by @ Friday, March 20th, 2009. Filed under Ten Mile River Scout Musuem

The Ten Mile River Scout Museum and Greater New York Councils are proud to announce our new 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America ten patch sets. Five patches will honor the National Founders; Baden-Powell, Dan Beard, Earnest Seton, W.D. Boyce and James E. West. The other five will honor the founder of each […]

759: Boy Scouts of Harlem

by @ Tuesday, March 17th, 2009. Filed under Camp Keowa, Ten Mile River - Modern

From the GNYC Website: “759: Boy Scouts of Harlem” depicts the journey of boys in Harlem’s Scout Troop 759 from the city streets to the woods at Ten Mile River Scout Reservation’s Camp Keowa.  Filmmakers Jake Boritt and Justin Szlasa realistically show the boys experience at summer camp, the quintessential American rite of passage, through recognizable experiences:  […]

2005 Ten Mile River Scout Camp Shield Patch

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Here is one of the more modern patches with an Indian Cliffs design.  A shield-shaped pocket patch issued in 2005 with a pocket loop.

1998 Ten Mile River Scout Patch

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Over the last several posts, I have shown a number of patches using the Indian Cliffs logo.  This is a smaller version used beginning in 1998 a the base patch for the revitalized TMR Scout Program. There are twill right (////) and twill left (\\\\) varieties of this patch.  A later version also exists with […]

Ten Mile River Scout Camps 1976 Jacket Patch

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While the 1976 Ten Mile River Jacket Patch continued to use the Indian Cliffs design, the shape of the patch changed from a round to a square patch with rounded corners. The border color is reminiscent of the round jacket patch used throughout the mid and later 1960’s. By now the number of open camps […]

1973 Ten Mile River Scout Camps Jacket Patch

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The 1973 Jacket Patch also uses the traditional Indian Cliffs design.  A 6 inch round with a red border, these are still regularly found today. Y0u can see the 1973 TMR Pocket Patch here.

Ten Mile River 1972 45th Anniversary Jacket Patch

by @ Wednesday, March 4th, 2009. Filed under Ten Mile River - Modern

1972 marked the 45th Anniversary of the purchase of the Ten Mile river Scout Camps.  Several items were issued for the event including the Jacket Patch pictured below. This is another of the easily available Jacket Patches even 35+ years later.  With 8 camps open on the reservation for an 8 week season there are […]

Ten Mile River Scout Camps 1970 Jacket Patch

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This is another TMR jacket patch that is still relatively easy to find today whether on eBay, at a TOR or even at the TMR Museum.  This is the second of two patches using this design and color scheme.

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