Newcombe Scout Camp

Camp Newcombe was one of the short-term camps of Greater New York Councils from the 1930’s until the 1960’s. It was located on Long Pond near Wading River Long Island.  It was a small camp, approximately 45 acres on a 40 acre natural lake. It was also used at least for a time in the 1930’s as a lone-troop summer camp.  It contained 4 Lodges and 8 small cabins as well as a number of tent sites.

I am only aware of a single piece of memorabilia issued for this camp.  I’d be interested in information (or a trade on any other items issued for this camp.

6 thoughts on “Newcombe Scout Camp

  1. I was born in 1957, & at the time untill 1966,
    when camp newcombe closed, my dad was the last ranger in charge at that camp.
    Long pond, Aka lake panamoka & what is left of the camp are
    located in the hamlet of Ridge, N.Y. Not to far from Wading
    river. N.Y.

  2. the Wading River historical society can help with memorabila
    from camp newombe

  3. Hi Bill: I have the neckerchief slide that goes with this neckerhief. same design. Frank Mullane

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