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1981 Ten Mile River Backpatch

by @ 5:03 pm on April 28, 2009. Filed under Uncategorized

Douglas Chin sends along a scan of the 1981 Indian Cliffs backpatch.

I see a Blue IC 1978 TMR Square Back Patch on the TMR Memorabalia website. This patch is not dated. I have a 1981 patch of the same design but only with the year 1981. I am sending you a picture of it in case you wish to put it on the TMR website.

The patch on the TMR website described as from 1978 is:

TMR Indian Cliffs Backpatch circa 1978?

TMR Indian Cliffs Backpatch circa 1978?

and Douglas Chin’s scan of the 1981 Version.

1981 TMR Indian Cliffs Backpatch

1981 TMR Indian Cliffs Backpatch

While it is om the TMR Museum site as from 1978, I suspect it is from 1979 or 1980 (where there was no jacket patch) or 1982 where there are no known generic TMR issues.

In 1978, there were 4 different round jacket patches with an orange background so it is unlikely to be from that year.

Can anyone confirm when it is from?

I have the 1981 version in my collection; but I’m missing the undated version.  This was during the time I was up in Syracuse. Anyone have one for trade or sale?

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