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Ten Mile River Trail Patch with Rockers

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In my posts on the Ten Mile River Scout program, I wrote about a short-lived program from 1996.

The 1996 Season brought a modest though short-lived rebirth to a reservation-wide program. While no longer called TMR Scout, the program allowed a Scout attending camp to earn borders by participating in various activities. This program only lasted one season.

The basic patch was round (75 mm or 3″), with a Gold Mylar border, red background and red-ghosted FDL. All of the lettering was Gold Mylar- the patch read TMR Trail with Ten Mile River Scout Camps and Greater Now York Councils around the border. Four 90-degree arcs existed of varying color combinations. Two are certain, Canoeing and Rappelling; the remaining two are believed to be Mountain Biking and Horsemanship. If you have these patches, I would appreciate scans, pictures or actual patches to add to my collection.

The two confirmed borders are Canoeing with a yellow border and lettering on dark blue twill and Rappelling that has a black border and lettering on yellow twill.

I can now show the 4 borders which do not quite completely fit around the patch.

Ten Mile River Trail Patch with Rockers

As you can see, the 4 rockers actually are:

  • Canoeing
  • Rappelling
  • Trek
  • Mt. Bike

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