Spruce Pond Half Moon-Shaped Patch

Spruce Pond was located across the road (old Route 17) from the Red Apple Rest.  I am aware of 3 patches issued for this camp during its use by GNYC.

Spruce Pond Circa 1970
Spruce Pond Circa 1970

The Boy Scouts did not own this land, but leased it from September to June each year from the Palisades Park Commission.  It is currently part of Harriman State Park.

7 thoughts on “Spruce Pond Half Moon-Shaped Patch

  1. My Troop was 257 Brooklyn, the last time I was Spruce Pond was in the 1950’s. Our troop
    leaders where Ray Hunt, Ted callagera. Can you give me any information about it now.
    Dennis J. Langone

  2. This was my favorite camp. I was in Troop 456 Brooklyn and we went every fall.I went from 1976 to 1980.We would stop to eat at the Red Apple rest and it was great. The camp had the biggest leanto with a coal burning stove.Bil, Some guys you know were with me. WWW

  3. Rich,
    Sounds like you knew Waramaug with Bill S, Frankie and Johnie G and a host of others when I was up in Syracuse.

  4. John Bianchi the organizer of Troop 45 in Brooklyn and owner of Thunderbird Tepee Camping Store has an original coal burning stove that Rich Ruggiero talks about. He loved the camp so much he had to take the stove as a momento because he was heart broken when the camp was closed. Aside from the stove the two other patches Bil talks about are the triangular patches with the fleur de lis and the pond on it. One triangular patch that I have says 56th Anniversary and is the same as the other triangular patch with the exception of the date. I think this is what Bil refers to as the other two.

  5. I remember Ray Hunt as the Campmaster at Spruce Pond. I went with him and others to the Jacks Fork River for a canoe trip. Also with him to the Worlds Fair war canoe race and around Manhattan Isle in a war canoe.

  6. Rich & I both camped at Spruce Pond. Wonderful memories!
    Those Ben-Franklyn stoves sure kept us warm on those bitter cold nights.
    We were in Nakowa, Bensonhurst Brooklyn, just before it merged with Waramaug.
    I live about 20 minutes from the camp and see that it’s part of Harriman State park now. I plan to visit this fall for a day hike.

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