1961 Chappegat Staff Neckerchief

After the era of individual Camp Staff neckerchiefs, there were several years where uniform staff neckerchiefs were worn throughout the reservation.

In 1960 there was Green and Blue Tartan, in 1961 the same patch was used bit the Tartan was Gray and Green. The patches show a map of TMR broken down into the three section (Delaware, Crystal and Schiff).  The color of the lettering of the Section and Camp name is coded to the color of the Section in the map.

The location of the individual camp is denoted by a red star.

Pictured below is the 1961 Chappegat Staff Neckerchief.

1961 Chappegat Staff
1961 Chappegat Staff

I have a number of needs from both 1960 and 1961 if anyone has one or more available.

TMR Delaware\Crystal\Schiff Pie Neckerchief Needs:
1960 Green Tartan: Kunatah; updgrade only – Chappegat,
1961 Gray Tartan: Davis Lake, Iphetonga, Kernochan, Nianque, Rondack, Stillwaters,

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