Hoyt Farm Scout Camp Neckerchief

According to the New York Times,  “The former Edwin C. Hoyt Farm became today the newest Scout camp of the Greater New York Council of Boy Scouts of America–but forty acres of the 125 will be for conservation study only.”on May 4, 1957.  Hoyt Farm was located in Commack, New York and was only used as a GNYC Camp for a relatively short period of time and was closed before 1970.  Can anyone confirm the exact years of operation?

I have not seen a lot of memorabilia from this camp.  One item however is the neckerchief pictured below.

Hoyt Farm Scout Camp Neckerchief

I’ve also seen a neckerchief slide of similar design, can anyone provide a scan?

3 thoughts on “Hoyt Farm Scout Camp Neckerchief

  1. I recently came across several 10 Mile pieces including the neckerchief slide mentioned for Hoyt Farm Scout Camp

  2. I have the Hoyt Farm neckerchief and the slide. Do you still want photos?
    I lived within walking distance of Hoyt Farm. The town of Smithtown took control of Hoyt Farm in 1968, I believe. My first Boy Scout Troop, 402, met there in the early to mid seventies. We used to have our meetings in an old haybarn.

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