Ten Mile River / Sanita Hills Dome-Shaped Shoulder Patch

During the mid-19070’s GNYC issued several patches which mentioned both Ten Mile River and Sanita Hills Scout Camps on the same patch.

Ten Mile River / Sanita Hills Dome-Shaped Shoulder Patch

I believe this patch to date to circa 1974-1975. Can anyone confirm the exact year it was issued?

Sanita Hills Camp was a 1100-acre resort for employees of the New York City Department of Sanitation in May 1956. The camp was used by GNYC for many years including a stint as a separate summer camp during the late 1960′s and early 1970′s. It was later sold in the mid – late 1980′s.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Mile River / Sanita Hills Dome-Shaped Shoulder Patch

  1. I recall this patch being offered in early 1970’s. If you look at the Greater New York Councils Camp Staff 1971 pocket patch. You will see the similarities. Look at the TMR Keowa staff picture from 1971. A few of the staffers in the third row have the pocket patch on. Link ….. http://tmrmuseum.org/staff/Keowa-Full.00014.html

    Be well,

  2. Steve,

    I would certainly agree that the 1970 and 1971 were the inspiration for this patch. There are several versions with and without Sanita and at least one with a White Border. They were definitely used through the late 1970’s. Just wish I had kept better records back in the day.

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