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Camp Ranachqua 1996 Polar Bear Swim Patches

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Camp Ranachqua has issued a Polar Bear Swim Patch for many years. Here is an example from 1996 one of the last under the auspices of Hudson Delaware Council the first season as the newly reorganized Hudson Valley Council.

Camp Ranachqua 1996 Polar Bear Swim Patches

Camp Ranachqua 1996 Polar Bear Swim Patches

You can see the lower of the two patches has a small metal stud attached to the patch. Can anyone tell me if this was an official addition? Perhaps for completing more than one Mile Swim? Or was some scout just looking to embellish their patch?


Always looking for Ranachqua patches I don’t have.


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2 Responses to “Camp Ranachqua 1996 Polar Bear Swim Patches”

  1. billmul says:

    Henri B. left a comment on Facebook.

    There were 4 days of Polar Bear each week. I believe that you got the patch for participating in 3; the stud was for all 4.

    The other early morning activity that was the Waterfront’s morning off was Nature’s bird watching to round out the 5 weekdays of camp, if I remember correctly.”

  2. Ken Ballus says:

    Now there are 5 days of polar bear, and bird watching just happens during the bird study class. Whether you get the patch is up to your troop. I worked in both nature and waterfront last year.

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