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TMR Camp Ranachqua Second and Fourth Year Camper Patches

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Prior to 1937 each NYC borough had its own summer camp awards which would only be earned by Scouts attending one of the borough camps at Ten Mile River Scout Camps. For Bronx Scouts that would be Ranachqua. After 1937 all of the borough awards were replace with the TMR Scout Program.

The awards are numbered 1 through 9 and have the number of years the Scout attended camp embroidered at the bottom and used throughout the 1930’s.

Here is the Second year version.

Camp Ranachqua Second Year Camper

Camp Ranachqua Second Year Camper

and the Fourth Year Camper version.

Camp Ranachqua Fourth Year Camper

Camp Ranachqua Fourth Year Camper

Both exhibit minor mothing.

Currently looking to trade either for a 3,7,8 or 9 Camper Arrowhead.

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