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Camp Wakpominee Orange Felt Round Pocket Patch

by @ 3:46 pm on August 21, 2018. Filed under pre-1960 NYS Camps

Another NYS Camp patch, this one is from Camp Wakpominee. The lodge which served this council also had the same name. Wakpominee was the camp of Mohican Council, it is still in use today as part Twin Rivers Council. The patch is not quite four inches tall.

Not sure of the year on this one it looks like a 1950’s or early 1960’s can anyone confirm the years it was used?

Camp Wakpominee Orange Felt Round Pocket Patch

Camp Wakpominee Orange Felt Round Pocket Patch

The #1 appears to have been added manually and not part of the silkscreen, can anyone confirm?

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  1. Joe Berlant says:

    This patch is probably from the 1940’s. There were two patches issued in the 1930’s for Camp Wakpominee. One was a red felt, the other a blue felt. The red felt was for Troop Camping. Unfortunately both of the blue that I have seen were damaged, one by mold and the other by over exposure to the sun after years of display at the old Council Office. The moldy patch was destroyed, the other has vanished. Each patch was round slightly smaller than 4″ I believe these were issued in the late 1930’s but we never verified that information. The patch you have pictured replaced those two, whether in the very late 1930’s or early 1940’s I do not know. I have an example which has no number on it and another example that has a white felt 3 in a different type style than the black 1 but in the same location. I don’t know which came first but would venture a guess that the plain patch was introduced first and then the numerals were added later to differentiate the number of years a camper had been at the camp rather than produce a separate patch. By the end of the 1940’s there appears to be a smaller felt version of the patch, a 3 1/4″ round with a lighter red color. This patch is clearly used (but not sewn). I do not think it is one of the early larger rounds shrunk in some manner. Again no information on dates of use are known to exist. These felt patches are replaced by a cut-edge twill patch of nearly the same design, missing the circle separating the outer ring of lettering from the camp name and the Indian and eliminating the Boy Scouts of America. I personally know that the patch was in use from at least 1953 through 1954 but believe it had been in use for a few years before then. This patch had a black felt round about 3 1/2 that the patch could be placed on with four colored felt segments representing program areas that could be sewn on the black felt. There were requirements for achieving each segment and additional requirements to earn a metallic feather that could be placed on the colored tab. I have one mint patch with all segments and feathers and know of one other complete such patch owned by a Scouter who attended camp a few years before I started. I can provide pictures of all of these patches if you would like them. I am still trying to check with some older camp attendees to see if they have any more information.

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