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Scouting Hot Finds Radio Podcast #96 Creating Scouting Memorabilia Collecting Guides

by @ 11:21 am on April 6, 2021. Filed under Camp Patch Collecting Resources, Scouting Blogs

Jason Spangler has created another podcast for Scouting Hotfinds Radio #96 Creating Scouting Memorabilia Collecting Guides With Wiatt Williamson.

He explains

Wiatt Williamson has cracked the code on how to write a Scouting memorabilia guide book. In his years in the hobby he has written over a dozen guides for Order of the Arrow lodges, councils and camps. In this interview he shares the blueprint and makes an offer to share his easy to use template with everyone out there. I think that his idea can be a powerful positive force for the hobby. Imagine if in your state there was a free PDF for all CSPs (David McIntyre) or for the camps that have been part of your council’s legacy through mergers. If you write it they will collect it to twist a line from a classic movie. You can email Wiatt Williamson with questions about the template.

Listen to “#96 Creating Scouting Memorabilia Collecting Guides With Wiatt Williamson” on Spreaker.

What guide would you create?

Here is a link to Eagle Peak Stores Collecting Guides Wiatt mentions in the podcast.

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