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Due to changes in the Scouting Program and perhaps the times, attendance at Ten Mile River Scout Camps was falling in the 1970’s. Where just a short time before there were 11 operating camps, by the mid 1970’s only a handful were open; Aquehonga, Keowa, Kernochan, Kunatah and Ranachqua. Other local councils were selling or closing their camps in order to balance their budgets. Circa 1976, while Greater New York Councils no longer found it feasible to operate Camp Hayden (the last year as a GNYC Camp was 1974) worked out an agreement with Rockland County Council to lease the camp from Greater New York for use as a summer camp. This lasted until the mid-1980’s.

Camp Ranachqua was closed after the 1977 summer camp season and in 1979 an agreement was worked out with Hudson Delaware Council to lease this property to use as both their summer camp and for short term camping year-round.

A different subset of collecting TMR, would be to collect the leased camps.  While not issued by GNYC, they are TMR memorabilia.

Pictured below is what I believe to be the first patch issued for Camp Hayden in 1976 by Rockland County Council.

Camp Hayden 1st issue

I will be posting other Camp Hayden issues in the upcoming weeks.  Any help in confirming (or dating) the undated ones would be appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Ten Mile River – Camp Hayden

  1. I was a staff member at Hayden in 1982 the year before we closed down operations there. It was a magical place. The greatest asset was the pool. Night swims as a staff member were great. Great place and a great time.

  2. I was a camper at Hayden from 1971-1974. What a place. i agree with Ed, night swim was great; along with getting the ice-cold pure water from the artesian well. Aquehonga is a close 2nd !!

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  4. Like Ed Price, I was a staff Member at Camp Hayden from 1981 or so until it closed in 1983 (it might have been in 1984. The patch you show if from the last year of operation. The reason why I think it was 1984… I attended as a camper with Troop 185 from Monsey, NY under Larry Goetz for a year and also as camp master assistant for the Webelos camp Rockland County Council had set up with Scoutmasters Jack Abbot and Bob Stitch.

    The following year, I helped run the Rifle Range (can’t remember the guy’s name who ran it)
    The next year I worked as a life guard under Ken Wishner at the pool and lake
    My last year, helping run the commissary with Gary Heavner (reconnected with him on Facebook)

    Hope that helps. -m

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