Camp Brooklyn Museum Award

I am of mixed minds on this one, the TMR Museum website shows this as a Museum award dating back to Kanohwahke Lakes Scout Camps in the 1920s. I would like to obtain better provenance on this if possible.

Here is the patch in my collection.

Camp Brooklyn Museum Award
Camp Brooklyn Museum Award

An undated pamphlet A Brooklyn Scout In Camp indicates a museum award, for what today we would refer to as the Nature Lodge, could be earned.

The line drawings do not reflect the design of the patch shown below, but later in the booklet, the belt award for the museum is shown as:

None of the Camp Guides for Camp Brooklyn at either Kanohwahke Lakes Scout Camps or Ten Mile River show the specific design although all do refer to an award which could be earned. By 1930, there were two updated versions of the museum award patch available as shown below.

An earlier Kanohwahke Lakes Scout Camp Guide does shows similar design with an M rather than a B.

Can you add anything to the story?

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